Friday, June 8, 2007

quickly going slowly

One would think that while walking along slowly that things would happen slowly. Not always so. Some days, there is a new wildflower. Just like that. I am walking along, and I think--"New. That one is new." I like that.

The other day, I walked to the top of a hill, and suddenly, the landscape had changed. After almost a week of walking in the meseta, things looked different in the distance. There was undulation and shape to the horizon. There wasn´t simply a horizon.

In a car, these realizations happen gradually, but while walking along, they can be quite sudden.

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Mary said...

I have learned that walking slowly yields amazing results. I notice birds, frogs, bugs, flowers...things that are so amazing, but that you just pass by and ignore when you're too busy to stop and look around.

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