Sunday, June 24, 2007


On the Camino, sometimes I sit down to eat some cherries and a pilgrim I don´t know sits down next to me and I say, "Would you like some cherries?" and he says "Yes" and then he eats them.

Or I buy a big bar of chocolate and run into my 4 crazy Canadian ladies on the street, and I drop my bag and fish it out so that I can give them some.

One day, I was in a restaurant and some South African friends came in to order food after a terrible day involving infections and taxis. They slumped down and waited to order and I insisted that they eat my leftover pizza and they did.

Out in the world, when I say "Would you like some cherries or chocolate or leftover pizza?" people shake their heads shyly. Here, people eat it. They accept it just as generously as the food is offered, without ceremony or effusive praise. With simple gratitude.

People here know how to share.

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