Wednesday, June 27, 2007

birthday cards

I walked alone today. I didn´t see another soul on the Camino. It was delightful, but there was one moment when I wished someone was there with me. As I came over the hill and spotted the sea uncertainly, I couldn´t figure out if it really was the ocean. I wanted to ask someone. I puzzled aloud to myself. Then, I continued forward a few steps, and I looked down at my feet. Written in marker on a rock that was lodged into the trail, a message read:

Have fun in your birthday suit.

Yes. The sea. I was right.

For the past three days I have been finding messages to me on the trail--on bark and on plastic. The first was an anonymous message on a small rock which I have been carrying with me for two days. I love it. I think sneaky Peter knew I would pick it up and carry the damn thing for 90 K.

Getting a note on the Camino feels so special. I love knowing that someone up ahead is thinking about me, that someone took time to stop and remember me.

Each card--addressed to rainbow-haired, pigeon-toed maiden--has made me smile an enormous grin for the next several kilometers. They are the best birthday cards ever.

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