Sunday, June 24, 2007

dessert. postre.

For weeks, I have suffered with the pilgrim´s menu. Ensalad mixta (iceberg lettuce with anemic tomato and a pile of tuna on top), spagetis (chef boyardee), piles of bland bread, and wine. Repeat. Sometimes the dessert was okay, though. I never failed to eat the dessert.

Yesterday I went to a Turkish restaurant. There was falafel. I repeat. Falafel. You simply cannot understand the magnitude of this. I couldn´t even pay attention to the the conversation because the food was so tasty.

Then something caught my eye. There´s was something in the glass case. It looked more delicious than any of the other desserts I had eaten throughout the whole Camino.

I summoned the waitress and requested salad for dessert. It was amazing.

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Sam said...

mmm falafel. :)

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