Thursday, June 28, 2007

the end.

This morning I wandered and dawdled until I came to a curve in the path and saw the sea before me. There was a lighthouse out on a point off in the distance. Finisterre. I could see the end of the world. I gaped and gazed and walked a little bit further, and then I saw a beach. It was oddly turquoise with white sand. It was alone. I was too. I smiled and meandered down the path and took off my clothes, no doubt providing a show for the fishing boats offshore, and I ran into the water.

I swam. I looked at the sea and the land and the sky. I looked at the lighthouse in the distance. I floated and looked at my feet. I looked at them for quite awhile. I even saw the sun for the briefest of moments. I swam until my fingers wrinkled.

The signs say there are 6 more kilometers left, but my skin is salty and my Camino is finished. Now, I´m just walking.

Happy, happy birthday to me.


Tara said...

Happy Birthday to you, Bridget. And good for you Bridget Pool, good for you. Can't wait to see you. Hope there's still a little left to you to hug.

Anonymous said...

Happiest of days, Bridget. Thank you for sharing your journey,and your day. Congratulations, pilgrim! xx00

Stefan said...

Happy, happy Birthday to you, Bridget.
Congratulations to make it to the end of the world. I still enjoy remembering every occasion, that we were able to meet on the camino. Now I enjoy reading your blog. It is so very impressing that you find the right words to describe experiences that I felt on the camino myself. So again, happy birthday, and a very nice day and as impressing moments on this very day, as they happened to me on mine.

Smiling Stefan of the German military whose Camino taught him to get up when he felt like and stop when he wanted to.

mi-suk said...

Happy birthday and congratulations!
I hope that the end of your camino doesn't mean the end of your blog. I've loved reading your entries and will miss them if they go away.

stella said...

Happy Birthday to you! Congratulations on completing your journey.

Mom said...

Happy Birthday to my "baby"! So, so proud and happy for you! We will try to have a special dinner tonight and we will all sing happy birthday to you and look forward to doing it in person next week! Love, Mom xxoo

Jennifer said...

Hi Bridget and Happy Birthday!!!!
I've enjoyed following your footsteps through the mud and sunshine. What a great adventure for you. Enjoy the swim. We have lots of good books for you when you return.

Beth said...

Congratulations, Bridget! Happy, happy birthday to my fearless friend!


laura allen said...

I've been quiet but I've been reading the whole time. I am so awed by your bravery and spirit. So happy for you and proud to say that I know Bridget Robin Pool!

Charlotte said...

Bonne anniversaire ma cherie!

Have agreat day and well done for another fantastic journey and keeping me amused whilst at work!

sara m said...

Happy late Birthday! You are amazing. Congratulations on your journey. You must have so many brilliant images from your trip - like the view from a mountain top, the wildlflowers lining the camino, the ocean in the distance, the expression on people's faces as you greeted them - joined them for coca cola and chocolate - laughed with them about circuses. What an amazing journey! Thank you so much for sharing.

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