Wednesday, June 27, 2007

mirror, mirror

Usually I´m quick in the bathroom here. They usually aren´t very nice, and they usually aren´t very solitary places. I just wash my hands and brush my teeth and throw water on my face.

I don´t often have occasion to look carefully in the mirror. There just aren´t that many around. Besides, I can´t begin to imagine coiffing my hair as I´m not certain what look I would be aiming for. I don´t even know which colors are left in my hair anymore.

Yesterday, though, I caught my eye in the mirror of a bathroom in a bar where I had taken a break. I looked carefully. When I returned to my fellow pilgrims, I commented, "I look a lot like a person who has been walking for 5 and a half weeks."

One said, "We all look like that. It´s hard to tell. You don´t look any different to me."

We all look dirty and comfortably tanned, with wrinkles around the eyes and easy smiles. We all look happy.

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