Wednesday, June 27, 2007

new rules

Here on the 90K walk to Finisterre, there are new rules, no rules. Some people are just out hiking for a few days. People (including me) go to hotel rooms instead of albergues. Today I met a couple who has been walking for 1500K, and they decided to take a brief taxi ride so that they could finish their journey today. There are fewer pilgrims. The Camino is more solitary.

I´m glad I chose to keep walking past Santiago. The days leading up to Santiago made me so sad to be ending. There was lots of reminiscing and forced evaluation of the experience. I´m still thinking about my Camino here, but it doesn´t feel as forced. On Monday, I had one sparkling and rambling day with friends Luke and Stacie. We stopped and dipped our feet in a river. We had a long lunch. Walking felt like play. Today, I wandered through fields and flowers and hills by myself.

I have no idea what tomorrow, the last day, will bring, but I don´t feel like I need to have a plan (other than my swim) to make it the right ending.

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