Wednesday, June 27, 2007

It´s time.

I´ve been walking to Finisterre for 3 days. Whereas I was anxious during the final 90K to Santiago and was resistant to finishing, I am finally looking forward to stopping. As my friend Luke put it, everything is unraveling. Our bodies are giving out. My feet have various problems. My legs are tired. I want to take baths. I want vegetables.

Today, at the beginning of the day, I started counting how many kilometers until the end of the day. Usually, I am just happy to amble along until I get somewhere. Although I got much happier as the day wore on, t was still a new feeling to not be enjoying myself.

A few minutes after I saw the sea for the first time, I felt a little homesick. I tried to squint, but I couldn´t see you.

It´s time.

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