Saturday, June 23, 2007

birthday present wish list

I don´t really need any presents, but if you can provide me with any of the following, I would be grateful.

Sunny weather in Galicia Tues-Thurs. I realize this is sort of like asking for a monsoon in the desert, but do what you can.

Restoration of the left second toenail.

Resolution of the weird sensation on the sole of my right foot. Said senation seems to want to become a blister but never actually does it.

One good chocolate croissant in Finisterre.

These are my requests. That´s it.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Bridget,
I've enjoyed looking at some of your blog. (How do you have time to write so much?)

I'm impressed by your perseverance and your feet. It sounds like you are going beyond your original destination (Santiago?) to Finisterre.

Your main quest seems to be a chocolate croissant--very Quixoteish. I feel a little guilty that they are so easy to find here in Roseville, CA. But not so guilty that I won't have one tomorrow morning--and maybe a second in your honor.

Happy birthday--may it be a chocolate day without blisters.

Love, Brian

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