Friday, May 25, 2007

the very hungry caterpillar

I am insatiably, insatiably hungry. I encountered a waiter the other day who fully appreciated that I am a vegetarian--except for chorizo. He gave me an excellent hard time for the rest of my stay. The pig population of northern Spain is going to take a pretty serious hit over the months of May and June. They´ll have to put that in the record books next to the noteworthy amount of rain and thunderstorms we´re experiencing. Aside from the pigs, I eat yogurt and oranges and pears and apples and bananas and cheese and bread and eggs and potatoes and sometimes chef boyardee-like pasta and some pathetic iceberg lettuce salads. And chocolate, of course. The other day I drank two Cola Caos (hot chocolate powder mixed with hot milk and served with sugar on the side--even I don´t add the sugar), a chocolate bar, two chocolate ice creams, chocolate con churros, and a chocolate croissant. See? Just like the Very Hungry Caterpillar. Eventually I just stop eating because I´m bored of it and sleep is more important.

I find myself drinking Coca Cola. At first, I just wanted the caffeine, but now I am actually enjoying the taste, which is weird because I usually abhor it. Then I discovered that the Coke here has actual azucar (sugar) instead of high fructose corn syrup. Dad--check that out with your pusher.

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