Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Las Caderas

I have never, never thought so much about my hips as I have these past few weeks. Apparently, I´m not terribly bright because I should have realized long ago that Shakira was right. The hips don´t lie. I just wasn´t paying attention. My hips crack on any given day, and I thought that they were just mad because I was making them walk for long distances. It turns out that they were also pretty upset because I was cramming them in a sleeping bag and not letting them stretch out in the weird, sprawling, hip stretching position that I use in the real world. I now unzip the sleeping bags, invite the bedbugs to join me. Thus, sprawling has resumed. I am doing some yoga, too. I am much, much better. Not perfect, but better. I am a little cold while I sleep, and I look a little odd when I lie down in the middle of the road in some tiny pueblo to contort myself and hold positions, but I think I would look even odder hopping down the Camino . . .

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