Thursday, May 31, 2007

la peregrina sola

Today, I was walking through a field, and a Spaniard called out "Buen Camino," which translates roughly to "Good Walk!" It{s such a nice expression of encouragment, a good tradition on the Camino. I always feel nice when people say it to me along the way, especially Spaniards. Today an old woman mouthed it to me through a closed car window.

Anyhow, the farmer said: Buen camino!
Me: Gracias. Buenos dias.
Farmer: Adios! Adios!
Me: Adios
Farmer: Va sola?
Me: Si. Mas alegre.

He asked me if I{m travelling by myself, and I told him that I am, that it is better that way. It was a funny little exchange, and it got me thinking how different it is to do the Camino alone. I{m sure there are benefits to doing it with someone else. I can think of one person it would be fun to do it with, but I{m still glad I{m alone. I have had opportunities to join groups, and I{ve spent some time with people for a few days, but I usually just let them move on and follow my own pace. It{s nice. I don{t have to worry about time. I have plenty of time. I can walk a long way on one day and then take a day off. Or I can choose to eat alone or with other people. I can hang out, or I can go off by myself and write. There are plenty of options. It offers more time for introspection and more opportunity to meet people.

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