Wednesday, May 23, 2007


It´s easy to describe scenery and pain and places and people, but it occurred to me today that I haven´t really written about what goes on. What goes on is miles and kilometers and miles of walking alone and thinking.



Then some thinking.

Sometimes important things bubble up. Sometimes I stop and scribble them down. Often I continue and let the thoughts keep coming. Occasionally I talk about them with other people later on. The right listener almost always appears at the right time.

The other day, I left very early. I was walking in the dark by myself for a long time. I had a moment where I realized that I had just one thought in my head. I wasn´t trying to concentrate or squint at it. It just occurred. One thing. No multi-tasking. No frantic juggling. Just one thing. Of course, then I started thinking about thinking about one thing and it was all shot to hell, but really. It´s not an endless path of mysticism here. Be real.


linda said...

So what is the "one thing?" Or is it printable?

Jeff said...

here's another thing: you can think about visiting minneapolis in the summertime. there will music, iced-whatever, a playful dog and two very smiley people waiting there for you.

of course you can fly. or take a bus. or a train. don't walk. you'd have to walk through ohio, and we all know how boring that can be.

Dad said...

Reading Hitt's book. He claims one of the oldest sayings of the road is "Ir romero y volver ramera" Just what a father wants to here.