Thursday, May 31, 2007

the circus came to town

well. i think writing that entry about being alone kind of cursed me.

it took more than two weeks for it to happen--i sorely missed having my people.

here{s what happened.

i{m in this village tonight named castrojarez or something like that. it{s pretty. there are fields of poppies and many churches. it{s properly small and mostly vacant. i saw a sign for the circus. i saw a date. today! the circus is in town! today! probably a tiny, shitty circus! i talked it up with some brits and we found it and it was amusing but they wouldn{t pay to go in but i defied them and paid my overpriced entry fee because it was the circus goddamnit and i knew it would be so, so funny.

but without the right person there, it wasn{t. it was just pathetic and not even all that amusing that my hair made me a better clown than anything they were trotting out. i left. i got lost on my way back. my toe kind of hurts.

what can we expect from a day without a chocolate croissant?

i wonder where i can hang a sign indicating that i{m seeking a pilgrim to laugh at stupid don quixote jokes whenever we walk by a wind farm. that person would know how to laugh at an unfunny circus. sigh. i{ll speak to santiago about it first thing tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

A little secret to make your clowns seem less lonely. When your a day away from the village of Moratinos, write in your blog your greatest wish of something on the camino and maybe at the secret garden it can be granted. Your never alone in ways you dont want on the camino.
love, tenders of the secret garden

stella said...

I am finally caught up. I am sad that the circus was rubbish! How much further do you have to walk? Your blog is very amusing. I bet you are getting some good writing done! Dont worry about being alone - you are right, it is good that you can progress at your own pace and not get secretly annoyed at someone else, even if it means that you have to go to an unfunny circus alone!

Anonymous said...

In Connecticut, animal-right activists are trying to get a law passed that the "elephant hook" that is used to make them mind be banned. If this happens, the Greatest Show on Earth has promised to never come to Connecticut again. How sad! Love, Mom xxoo

Anonymous said...

circuses suck

sara m said...

wind farms!! how fun!