Sunday, May 27, 2007

giving things up

Somebody commented on the blog why I bother to get rid of things that weigh so little. Some of it is the physical weight, but some of it is the psychological weight.

The books count as both. They were heavy, but more than that, they were keeping me focused on what other people had experienced about the Camino, rather than allowing me to think it through myself. Getting rid of the books forced me act on my own, to walk until I find what I need to find. From time to time, bing bookless makes me depend on other people.

Some of the things don´t really weigh much, but it seems silly to carry them around. Why bother? Simplifying is such fun. I only need to have what I need to have. If I get desperate, I´ll be able to buy it.

The bug spray was 2 ounces worth of expecting the worst.

The suntan lotion is 4 ounces worth of annoyance that I have rarely seen the sun.

Ounces add up to pounds. I am very conscious of weight. I am perfectly capable of shouldering whatever I stuff into my pack at this point, but I´d rather not. Not only do appearances have different meanings for me here, but weight does, too. My pack is probably around 20 pounds, depending how much water is in it. When I look at 4 packs lined up, I envision those 4 packs attached to my body--80 pounds. As for my current weight, I have no idea what it is, but my pants are starting to droop a bit, and the hipbelt cinches a little tighter. Weight loss seems impossible given the quantity of chorizo and chocolate and wine I am consuming, but asi es. I doubt I´ll take another 20 pound backpack off in these 5-6 weeks of walking.

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