Wednesday, May 23, 2007

odds and ends

Many of you are frustrated with trying to reply to the blog. Don´t bother. Just email me directly.

I smell awful, though last night we stayed in a luxury overflow location featuring mats on the floor and a clean shower with SOAP and SHAMPOO and CONDITIONER and CEREAL and MILK. Wow.

Last night, an absolutely unbelievable thing occurred. My hair actually got more extraordinary. I didn´t think it was possible. I wish I had a picture. It now looks like I have rainbow dreadlocks poking out of the top of my head.

I´ve had a couple of eventful days involving, in no particular order, two kooky British brothers; a terrifying and unexplained sudden eye swelling that nearly had me to the doctor (I really am sounding like the Brits) but ended up being treated by 3 vodka naranjas and then some; a homecooked (albergue cooked) Italian dinner; some international calling (some of you know my fears of this); finishing up a full week and more than a hundred miles. I have had two consecutive nights of searching around for a bed after walking about 30K.

It worked out. I think it almost always does.

It´s amazing how much easier the walking gets as time goes on. If it weren´t for my pigeon toes and my painful hip (I think there´s a connection), I would be gliding down the Camino. But that wouldn´t be much fun at all, would it?

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Anonymous said...

I want to know if the rainbowhawk stays upright or flops over, and if upright, how does that get maintained? Are you carrying hair gel?
I think I need pictures