Thursday, May 31, 2007


People have been so nice to read my blog and reply or write to me. It{s fun to tell you about adventures and to hear how you are doing. In general, I feel quite disconnected from life in the U.S. Unfortunately, everyone I walk with knows my least favorite American but none of my favorite ones. It{s frustrating.

Many of you have said how proud you are of me. Even though I was very nervous before I came, after a couple of days, I fell quite easily into the rhythm. It really doesn{t seem particularly hard at all. There are things that are uncomfortable, but overall it{s a wonderful routine. I wake. I walk. I think. I talk. I listen. I observe. I stop. I eat. I write. I loll. I sleep. Bathing is optional.

Rather than your being proud of me, I should be thankful for your support, grateful for the opportunity.

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