Sunday, May 27, 2007

Belorado to Ages. No idea which day we´re on. I´ve lost track.

This morning was stunning walking weather. Sunny but not hot. Windy but not blustery. Clouds but mostly clear. I walked the camino through waving, dancing wheat and thought that I could not have ordered better weather.

The scenery changes so quickly. This morning was waving wheat and little villages all in a row. Late morning was a mountain vista. Just as I was thinking that it looked like the Blue Ridge, I happened upon the W&M kids, and they said, "It looks like Virginia." Much of the day was spent on a flat, straight, dirt-packed path that went through a stand of pines. It was the first flat day, and everyone´s legs and feet hurt. We descended through a field of green and wildflowers into a fairytale town, and now, here I am.

I saw a sign on the highway today that read 50 kilometers per hour. For me, it is 50 kilometers in 2 days. Perspective.

Tomorrow, I´m off to the big city, Burgos. I´ll probably rest for a day. Maybe I´ll find some semi-qualified person to yank my hip out of its socket.

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