Sunday, August 5, 2007

camino greatest hits--blog and pics

44 Camino days, 500+ miles, dozens of chocolate croissants, 7-ish blisters, a free pass to heaven, a swim at the end of the world, and 180 something blog posts later, here I am.

I appreciate that many of you have followed along with some (or all) of my journey on the blog. I know I ended up writing quite a bit. Several of you who have dipped in from time to time have requested a list of highlights. Here are a few of my favorite musings or experiences. A grab bag:

These two tell the tale of the most mystical thing that happened to me on the Camino: chocolate croissant and un milagro de santiago

Others . . .

going for a long walk
Bert Likes Pigeons, and I Do, Too.
Getting to Know You
quickly going slowly
flechas amarillas--yellow arrows
mi cresta
I found God.
finding peace
Rabanal del Camino
birthday cards
the end
what i look like now
"How did you like it?"
the compostela
only a walker

Now, for the pics . It pains me to think of my photojournalist friend looking at these shots. My general approach is to just grab the camera, point the thing, push the button, and see what turns out. I'm more interested in having an image to jog my memory than I am in creating art, and it shows.

I recommend the "greatest hits" for those of you who are interested in seeing a quicker and dirtier version of my experiences on the Camino. I have written brief descriptions of each photograph in that set. (IF YOU CHOOSE TO VIEW THEM AS A SLIDESHOW: WHEN THE FIRST PHOTO APPEARS, MAKE SURE YOU CLICK ON IT ONCE SO THAT YOU CAN SEE THE TITLE AND DESCRIPTION. AFTER YOU DO THAT ONE TIME, YOU WILL BE ABLE TO SEE THE TITLES FOR THE REST OF THE SLIDESHOW. NOT SURE WHY IT DOESN'T DO IT AUTOMATICALLY.)

Those of you who have an unnatural curiousity about my experiences can look at the complete collection. I encourage you pilgrims out there to download whichever ones you want. Here's the link again to the pics . . .

Ultreia y Buen Camino a Todos . . .

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sarahandscottsmommy said...

I absolutely LOVE your pics!!!! It's even more beautiful than your descriptions in your blog, which I have been enjoying reading.