Friday, December 28, 2007

"Ready to go! "Fire it up!"

This morning, I entered a grocery store in Council Bluffs, Iowa feeling a little unsure and out of place. My rainbow stripy bag from Santiago felt like it was made out of carpet. Then I stood with other Americans and watched CNN coverage of Pakistan. The world felt very small, and I felt like I was just where I needed to be.

At training today, the campaign asked us not to blog about our experiences, so I'll try to send out a couple of group emails to those of you who are interested. Send me a message at my yahoo account if you want updates.

I will defy the campaign's request to say only this one little thing. Already today, on day one, I had one outstanding interaction which made it worth coming. If the rest of the week is a total disaster, I'll still feel like I had an impact.

One week until the caucus. Lots of work to be done . . .


Jen said...

Your long lost pilgrim companion here... just wanted to tell you that I think you're GRAND for going to Iowa (and for keeping up this blog)! If you're still planning to canvass on an American walking tour this summer, count me IN. Perhaps I can come to D.C. and we can rap about it when you're back?!? Cookies and parental appeasance are a small price for my boy Barack!

Mary said...

I don't have your yahoo email address. I am out of the loop.