Thursday, December 27, 2007

on the way to iowa . . .

I said goodbye to my parents at the curb at the Hartford airport, suitcases packed full of presents and leftover goodies.

Mom said, "Tell Barack he'd better win because he's taking you away from me."

Dad said, "As far as I can tell, he's taking the cookies away from me."

Lesson 1 in the American electorate--don't take away people's children or their chocolate without good cause.


I had a layover in Minneapolis, and my friend Sarah took me out to a yummy dinner. It was a wonderful visit, but it meant I didn't have time to snoop around and find Senator Craig's famous stomping grounds. When I got back to the airport, I made it a point to use a bathroom while assuming a wide stance. Nobody arrested me or offered me sexual favors.

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