Wednesday, September 12, 2007


I decided to fast for Ramadan. I have never fasted before, but since my housemate, some of my students, and some of my colleagues are Muslim, I thought it might be interesting to join them. After walking the Camino to gain freedom from Catholic purgatory, it seemed like I should experiment with a tradition from another religion. I was excited for the challenge.

Then my friend R. pointed out that it is a bad idea. It is a bad, bad idea. People with bipolar disorder who are trying to maintain a stable mood during the least stable month of the year ought not deny themselves food during daylight hours.

I even did a little research into Valid Reasons for Not Observing the Fast:

Being on a journey
Risk of life

Well, I'm not unconscious and haven't declared jihad, but I guess I'm otherwise disqualified. I will eat.

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