Saturday, September 15, 2007

next placard

Next time I attend a protest, I will carry a sign reading: Another Off-Message Free Mumia Abu-Jamal, Free the Cuban Five, Free Palestine, Anti-Globalization, Anti-Climate Change, Serif Font Hating, 9/11 Conspiracy Theorist Scatterbrained Liberal Activist Who is Purportedly Here for a Rally Relating to Something Else!

Why, why, why do liberal protests have such trouble staying on message? I despise the assumption that everyone who thinks the war should end believes that ol' Mumia should be released. I didn't show up to cheer about ending Christian fundamentalism. My right to smoke pot is not contingent on withdrawing U.S. troops from Iraq. I don't think that anti-war activists need to believe in non-violent eating.

Every thinking person I know who goes to these rallies gets disenchanted by the inclusion of an array of issues that are largely unrelated to the main purpose of the event. Focus, people. Focus. Today, I was shocked at the number of people who want to re-open investigations into 9/11. I have no idea what they are hoping to find. Maybe this time around planes won't fly into buildings?

I was soft on one somewhat unrelated issue. There were many, many signs urging "IMPEACH!" though I preferred the placards that recommended going directly to indictment. I suppose that strays a bit from the central message, though it does relate directly to war crimes. I'm curious how many people would turn out for an impeachment rally. I was shocked that the movement was so strong.

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