Sunday, October 28, 2007

the politics of baseball

I sat in a sports bar waiting for the volunteer meeting of Arlingtonians for Barack Obama to begin. The press had just reported that Rodham Clinton is significantly ahead in fundraising, and the mood of the gathering was a little shaky.

A huge projection of a Red Sox-Indians game loomed over us as we discussed strategies to get Obama elected. I found myself thinking that the juxtaposition of the ever hopeful, rarely successful Sox against the ever hopeful and struggling Obama, might not bode well. But now I'm starting to wonder . . .

I'm not much for baseball lore, but if Democratic nominee Obama's Cubs are in the Series in '08, I'll sabotage the game myself to keep them from winning. Underdogs are great and everything, but last time a baseball curse was broken in a Democratic hopeful's hometown in October, November was a disastrous month.

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