Tuesday, July 24, 2007

seven corners

Things are a lot closer now than they used to be. Last night it took me half an hour to walk to Target. I thought my watch was wrong. I didn't believe that it was only 2 miles from my home until google maps told me so when I got home.

I have lived in this spot for 7 years, and I have never once walked to this area called Seven Corners. It's a huge area of useful stores. Home Depot, Safeway, Target, Ross, Goodwill, Barnes and Noble, and a whole village of Asian stores. The funny thing is that I avoid going there by car because the network of roads is so confusing. (Thus, the name Seven Corners. It makes Williamsburg's so-called Confusion Corner look like a straight line.) Walking there was comparatively painless. I navigated from place to place without having to rehearse geometric traffic configurations in my head.

There's a new vegetarian restaurant in Seven Corners. There's a new Chipotle opening soon. I think it's likely I'll be walking there again.


Mi-Suk said...

I was noticing that your sense of what distance is reasonable to walk changes when you've done a big walk. I suggested walking home from a restaurant the other day and people were shocked, until we walked home in 20 minutes and they realized that it would have taken the same amount of time if we had waited for the bart and ridden the one stop. And that it was nice to go for a short walk after dinner.

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