Monday, July 9, 2007

getting to Santiago

I think it's likely I'll do another Camino sometime in my life, though I wonder if I'll end up in Santiago or Finisterre. I probably will. Still, it won't be as much of a focus. I had some pilgrim friends, Luke and Jen, who had limited time in Spain. Their original plan was to take a bus to get closer to Santiago just so they could reach the supposed goal. Then they decided to keep on walking and take a bus to Madrid (and their flight) from wherever they ended up. It seemed a little odd to me to skip the thrilling conclusion, but now that I've been to Santiago, I think they made an excellent choice. The anonymous, carefree days of walking are much more sacred than that golden embrace with Jimbo that awaits at the end.

I'll admit that the sea was pretty good, though. The sea was worth it.

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