Sunday, June 21, 2009

trains, planes, and automobiles

I'm on the move again.

Since May, I have taken a plane to London, another plane to Lyon, two trains to Le Puy, two trains from Le Puy back to Lyon, three trains to Barcelona, a bus to Toulouse, a rental car to Villefranche, three trains to Pamplona, my feet to Estella, a bus to San Sebastian, a bus to Bilbao, a plane to Sevilla, a bus to Tarifa, and today I will take two buses and a short walk over the border to Gibraltar.

Tomorrow I plan to take two buses to Granada, though I have no idea of the hours and departure points and costs.

This is the kind of trip I try to avoid: endless shifting without staying planted in any one place long enough to know it or appreciate it beyond just the major monuments. I have hit my stride, though. I am feeling more comfortable with moving from place to place. It isn't exactly as I planned, but I'm learning something. So that's something.

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