Sunday, March 9, 2008

end sabbatical

I've been chided by some of you for not blogging recently. When I went to Iowa in December, the Obama campaign requested that we not blog. Afterwards, I got out of the habit of it. Nearly everything I've been thinking about has to do with the campaign, and I don't want to contribute negativity to the blogosphere. There's enough of that. As is, though, it doesn't appear the primary season is going to come to an end anytime soon. Time to start writing.

I've certainly had some interesting experiences in America as I work to elect Barack Obama to the presidency. Canvassing in Iowa, Virginia, Ohio. Phone calls to Mississippi. Upcoming trips to Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Puerto Rico.

Still fired up and ready to go . . .

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Mary said...

PA is my old stomping ground. If you are going to be at obama functions, i guarantee you will see some of my friends there.