Wednesday, November 28, 2007

R.I.P. Tim Spicer

This week's front page news in Washington D.C. has been all about a black man who was murdered. Over the years that I have lived here, I would venture to say that hundreds of black men have been senselessly murdered within the city limits, but I don't recall a single instance where those murders were announced by a huge banner headline. The man mourned in these headlines wasn't even killed in D.C.; he was killed in Florida. Why does his tragic death matter so much more than the others?

Because he was paid a lot of money to play football.

At least one article seemed to pay attention to the sad truth that some deaths receive more attention. City leaders call on the Redskins to use their media power to draw attention to the epidemic of violence: "Celebrities have the potential to help us reach these kids," said Rhozier Brown of the Alliance for Concerned Men. "We're the nation's capital. This might be a rallying cry to get the Redskins to the table, because we need everybody's help. The Redskins need to help. Please, Mr. [Daniel] Snyder and Mr. [Joe] Gibbs. It's halftime. We need you."

I hope the Redskins use their power to speak for all of these anonymous victims. I doubt they will.

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